Văn 12: Vợ Chồng A Phủ – Tô Hoài

In his literary career, writer To Hoai has composed many valuable literary works. One of them must be the work Literature 12 A Phu husband and wife. So, what is the content and meaning of this work? Let’s find out more with bangtuanhoan.edu.vn through the following article.

Author To Hoai

Author To Hoai (Source: Internet)

To Hoai is one of the elite writers of the country’s literary world. bangtuanhoan.edu.vn summarizes some key information about the life and writing style of this influential writer in the Vietnamese literary world.

1. Life

The life of writer To Hoai experienced many events. Below is a brief biography of his life and activities:

  • Writer To Hoai (1920 – 2014) whose real name is Nguyen Sen.
  • Place of birth: In his hometown: Kim Bai town, Thanh Oai district, Ha Dong province (now part of Hanoi capital).
  • Where to live and grow up: In the motherland: Nghia Do village, Tu Liem district, Hoai Duc ward, Ha Dong province (now in Nghia Do ward, Cau Giay district, Hanoi).
  • He worked many jobs for a living such as tutor, salesman, accountant, etc. Sometimes he was unemployed.
  • He possesses a rich knowledge of cultures and customs of many regions. Perhaps that is why his works are so genuine.
  • Revolutionary activities:
    • In 1943, he joined the National Salvation Cultural Association.
    • Participated in journalism and art writing in Viet Bac during the war of resistance against the French.
  • In 1993, he was awarded the Ho Chi Minh Prize for literature and art by the state. In addition, he also received a number of major literary awards such as the Bui Xuan Phai Prize, the first prize for novels by the Vietnam Association of Arts and Sciences, and the award of the A Phi Writers’ Association.

trial program

2. Composition style

The style of writer To Hoai is very simple. He uses vivid narrative expression and rich words that make the reader captivated through each page. Most of his works are about real-life stories. He can compose a variety of genres from memoirs, short stories, long stories, essays, etc. to screenplays.

Some outstanding works of writer To Hoai:

  • Old stories of Hanoi (story, 2010)
  • Afternoon (novel, 1999)
  • Whose feet are dusted (memoir, 1992)
  • Homeland (novel, 1981)
  • Autobiography (1978)
  • Tales of the Northwest (collection of stories, 1953)
  • Weeds (memoirs, 1944)
  • O rat (collection of short stories, 1942)
  • The Adventures of Cricket (long story, 1941)

A Phu’s Husband and Wife’s work

The work of A Phu's husband and wife

The work of A Phu husband and wife (Source: Internet)

A Phu couple is a typical work of writer To Hoai. This work is included in the remarkable 12 literary program. To learn more about this work, please follow the analysis below:

General information about the work A Phu Van and his wife 12

Work Literature 12 A Phu husband and wife quoted in the collection of Tales of the Northwest, published in 1953. Here are some of the main contents of the work:

Circumstances composing

The work was composed by writer To Hoai in 1952, he was inspired by his field trip to newly liberated villages. The writer has eaten, lived, and lived together for 8 months with ethnic minorities in the northern mountainous region, so the story in the work is very vivid and true.

Quietly Sapa – Nguyen Thanh Long | Authors and Works

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Work Van 12 and A Phu husband and wife is divided into 3 parts as follows:

  • Part 1 (from the beginning to “Until I die”): Describes my living situation and mood.
  • Part 2 (continued to “Therefore, the fighting in Hong Ngai was born”): Tells about the life of A Phu.
  • Part 3 (remainder): The fateful meeting and self-liberation of Me and A Phu.

Summary of A Phu’s Husband and Wife

The main characters in the work are Me and A Phu. I am a beautiful girl, in her spring and green age, living in Hong Ngai. Because of her beauty, A Su – the son of the governor of Pa Tra, forced Me to be his wife to borrow the name of debt for the governor. During the first period, every night, I cried in sorrow and frustration, even planning to eat leaves to commit suicide. But because I loved my poor old father, I didn’t dare and had to continue living. My life as a bride is very hard, “backwards like a turtle raised in a corner”. In the new spring, when I heard the flute calling for a mate, my old soul was awakened, I wanted to go out. However, Mi was caught by A Su and forced to stand in a dark room.

A Phu is a poor boy, possessing a muscular body and a strong body. Not only that, A Phu is also very hard working. In a fight, A Su was injured, so he was fined 100 taels of white silver by the village, because there was no money to pay the fine, A Phu had to wait to pay the debt to the governor of Pa Tra.

Unfortunately, one day A Phu was tending cows so that the tigers could stalk and capture one of them, causing the governor Pa Tra to get angry, tie him up to a pillar, and not give him food or drink. At first, when I saw A Phu tied up, I was indifferent, casually acting as if nothing was wrong. But when I saw the stream of tears flowing down A Phu’s dark cheeks, my kind heart was awakened. I think about my own fate and sympathize with A Phu’s pitiful plight. In the end, I decided to cut the ropes, liberating A Phu was also liberating myself. After that, the two together fled from the governor’s house to Phieng Sa. Here, both gained revolutionary enlightenment.

Read more about A Phu Van’s wife and husband 12

Van 12 A Phu couple also ask them to know how to analyze in detail about the main characters mentioned throughout the work, that is, Me and A Phu.

My character

  • Character’s situation:
    • I was born into a not very well off family. Because my parents are in debt and cannot afford to pay, I work as a bride to get rid of debt at the governor’s house.
    • I only know how to do the same things over and over again, all year round, month-round without stopping, “The buffalo and the horse sometimes stand scratching their feet and chewing grass, but the women and girls of this family work without stopping”.
    • I live in a narrow room with only one square of the palm of my hand so I can see the outside world, so it’s hard to tell if it’s sunny or rainy. I can only see dimly. , white moon.
  • Mood and action:
    • Based on Mi’s actions and mood described by the author, we can see the strong potential vitality inside Me. It is the desire to be free, to pursue happiness like many other ordinary rural girls. That desire is so strong that it is ready to explode when the opportunity arises.
  • The latent vitality in Me:
    • Although in reality, I am suffering a lot. But we still feel the image of Miss Mi in the past, escaping from hiding in the worn out body of this filial girl.
    • In Me, we also see a burning desire for love. If I didn’t have to be a bride to get rid of the debt, maybe I could fulfill my wish because “boys come to stand at the bottom of the wall at the top of my room”.
    • When I was taken to the governor’s house, I thought of suicide when “I cried every night for months”. I ran away to the house with a fistful of leaves in my hand. In this image, we can feel how intense this girl’s desire to live a true life, not accepting a life being trampled, is seen as an animal.
  • My strong vitality arose in the spring festival night at Hong Ngai:
    • I am aware of myself “feeling free again…”, “I’m still very young…”, I want to “go out for Tet” to end my life in prison.
    • While being tied up by A Su, My soul still turned to the flute, the sound of the crowds playing outside.
  • When A Phu is punished for standing:
    • At first, I was indifferent. But when she saw the tears of this poor boy, she suddenly thought of her own situation in the past and felt pity for the human life that was tortured “maybe tomorrow the other person will die, die painfully. , … must die”.
    • I cut the rope for A Phu. I was afraid of the governor, so she decided to run away with him.
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No Kinh Van 9 Vehicle Squadron – Pham Tien Duat

Comment: I’m a very strong and determined girl. My decisive action showed the will to overthrow the power of the ruling factions.

Character A Phu

  • Origin of the character: orphaned at a young age, living alone.
  • Spending the days being treated like a prisoner at the governor’s house:
    • Because of beating a mandarin and losing the lawsuit, A Phu had to endure heavy physical and mental abuse: doing heavy and dangerous jobs such as “hunting bulls, burning forests, …”.
    • Your worth is not equal to a cow. Accidentally losing cows, A Phu was punished to stand to death.
  • Character’s personality:
    • As a child, he was strong and stubborn.
    • As an adult, he becomes a hard-working, healthy guy who knows how to be disgruntled at the injustices of reality. At the same time, A Phu is also a guy who yearns for freedom, has extremely strong resistance when he “kneels down, can’t walk”, but when he is untied, he still tries to “strike up and run”. Together with Me, they escaped from prison life at the governor’s house.

Value of A Phu Van’s Husband and Wife 12

Content value

  • Real value:
    • Truely reflects the fate of poor people in the Northwest under the domination of brutal rulers.
    • Seeing clearly the ruthlessness of the enemies when they used all means to torture the body and spirit of the poor working people in the mountainous areas.
    • Describes the process of overcoming oneself, regaining the light of freedom of the sincere and honest people of the Northwest.
  • Humanitarian values:
    • Deeply sympathize with the suffering of poor workers like Me and A Phu.
    • Praise the unyielding beauty of Me and A Phu.
    • Declare the feudal yoke of domineering landlords, exploiting people to the bone.
    • Directing the working poor to a brighter path. It is to free yourself, to find freedom again, to find happiness again.
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The Little Spring of Literature 9: Author, Content, Artistic Value

Artistic value

  • The art of description is unique with poetic images.
  • The art of storytelling is vivid, natural and engaging. Build a tight layout, lead the reader effectively.
  • The art of character building, depicting the personality and psychology of each character line throughout the plot is extremely successful.
  • Subtle words, bold colors of the beauty of the Northwest mountains.

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Van 12 A Phu couple is one of the literary works with a lot of knowledge related to the test questions, the national high school exam. Hopefully, this article will help you know how to analyze this work in the most concise way so that you can get high marks in the topics related to this A Phu couple.

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