Ngữ Văn 12: Phân Tích Rừng Xà Nu – Nguyễn Trung Thành

Snake forest is a work with extensive knowledge that you need to understand from the image snake forest to generations of heroes of the Central Highlands. To learn more about the author, work, content and art of this work, please follow the following article of

Author Nguyen Trung Thanh

Author Nguyen Trung Thanh (Source: Internet)

1. Life

  • Author Nguyen Trung Thanh’s real name is Nguyen Van Bau, pen name is Nguyen Ngoc. He was born on September 5, 1932 in Quang Nam province.
  • He is a typical writer who grew up in both the French and American resistance wars.
  • The author joined the army in 1950, he attached and operated mainly in the battlefields of the Central Highlands.
  • After the Geneva Agreement, the author became a reporter for the Inter-region V People’s Army newspaper and gathered to the North.
  • In 1962, he returned to the South and participated in both fighting in Quang Nam and the Central Highlands and performing arts activities.
  • After the war, the author held the position of Editor-in-Chief of the art newspaper and Deputy General Secretary of the Vietnam Writers’ Association.
  • Until now, he is still active in the field of culture and education. In addition, he also translated a number of literary theory works.

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2. Composition style

Nguyen Trung Thanh’s works are always bold with epic sound and romantic inspiration:

  • The poetry in his works always blends with the magnificence of the mountains and forests of the Central Highlands, of the revolutionary heroes who are steadfast, indomitable and have a strong love for their homeland and country.
  • Life, the extraordinary ability to rise and the immortal vitality of people are always highlighted in his works.

Some outstanding works of the author must be mentioned such as: The country stood up (1954-1955); Groundwater circuit (1960); In the homeland of the heroes Dien Ngoc (1961); Dat Quang; Burning sand; Xa Nu forest (1965);…

Works of Serpent Forest

The work of Xa Nu Forest (Source: Internet)

The work of Xa Nu Forest (Source: Internet)

General information about the work “The Woods of the Serpent Nu Van 12”

  • Circumstances composing

– The short story “Sna nu forest” was written in 1965 when the US poured troops into Chu Lai beach – Quang Nam, at this time the author was operating on the battlefields of the Central Highlands. At this time, the writer wanted to write an article “Hit Generals” to encourage and encourage the people to enter the fierce and heroic resistance war against the US.

– The work was published in the magazine of the Liberation Army of Central Vietnam and then printed in the volume On the homeland of Dien Ngoc heroes.

  • Layout

– Part 1 (From the beginning to the part “the hills continue to the horizon”): The image of the forest.

– Part 2 (Continued to “pour all over the body like the day before”): The story of Tnú after 3 years of visiting the village.

– Part 3 (Remaining): The tragic life of the character Tnú and the fighting story of the villagers of Xo Man told by Mr.

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Find out more about the work “The Woods of the Serpent Nu Van 12”

  1. Pictures of barnacles, metaphorical images:
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Real meaning

– The barnacle tree is a very popular real tree in the Central Highlands, the pine family… has extremely strong vitality, overcoming harsh weather to rise up day by day.

– The tree is closely linked in the life and activities of the people of the Central Highlands (Tranches and firewood are in every kitchen, the sap is used for burning, the smoke is used as a board, etc.).

* Metaphor meaning

– The barnacle tree symbolizes a life with a lot of pain:

+ Every tree has a wound like the villagers, everyone has their own pain caused by the enemy.

– The image of the barnacle tree has been raised by the author from an ordinary natural image into a unique artistic image, a metaphor for the posture, vitality and energy of the people of the Central Highlands.

+ “The mother tree falls, the child grows” is strong, indomitable, like generations of Xo Man villagers, weaving the tradition of patriotism, indomitable heroism

+ The barnacle tree loves sunlight like the people of Xo Man village love freedom, love peace, always stand up straight, rise high, but do not submit to be a life of buffalo and horse.

– The image of the barnacle tree symbolizes the qualities of the Central Highlands people with their tenacious and indomitable will in the battle with the invading American empire.

  1. Generations of heroes in the Central Highlands: Tnú, Uncle Met, Dit, and Baby Heng
  • Character Tnú
  • Tnú has the character of honesty, courage, grit and ingenuity:

+ The enemy killed Mr. Xut and Mrs. Nhan, but when Tnú was young, he was still not afraid. Tu and Mai volunteered to go to the forest to raise cadres.

+ When learning to lose to Mai, Tnu broke the board and hit his head with a stone to bleed.

+ When traveling, Tnú does not go on the trail but “rips the forest to go”, does not go to the calm water but “chooses a strong waterfall that crosses the ice like an orca”. Because according to Tnú, dangerous places the enemy will not expect.

+ When the enemy ambushed and was brutally tortured, Tnú decided not to tell. When the enemy pulled back to the village, forcing Tnú to declare where the communists were, he decisively put his hand on his stomach and loudly said “Communism is here”.

  • Tnú was highly disciplined and completely loyal to the revolution:

+ Joining the armed forces, although he misses his hometown, he only returns to visit when he is allowed.

+ High discipline in the revolution, showing Tnú’s loyalty: when the enemy burned ten fingers but Tnú did not say a word, he always remembered Quyet’s teaching that: “Communists do not want to cry”.

  • Having a heart of love and boiling with anger:

+ Tnú lives very affectionately: Tnu rushes out to save his wife and children. Tnú is a person of gratitude to the village of Xo Man.

+ The hatred in him is characteristic of the Central Highlands: He has in his heart three great enmities: the enemies of the family, the enemies of the village and the enemies of himself.

  • The image of Tnú’s hands represents his personality and life imprint:

Loving hand: Quyet took Tnú’s hand, Mai took Tnú’s hand when he returned, …

+ Painful hands (witnessing the death of his wife and children, being tortured by the enemy)

Hateful Hands: Evidence of Hatred

+ Table for revenge: Kill the enemy to avenge Mai, her children and the villagers of Xóman

+ Being a witness to the way of the villagers of Xo Man: “they took up guns, they had to hold spears”

=> The tragic story of Tnú’s life is the most complete expression of the historical truth “If you hold a gun, you must hold a spear”, had to stand up to fight armed, only he can win.

When healthy: This is the hand of kindness and honesty.

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The Little Spring of Literature 9: Author, Content, Artistic Value

+ When injured: Is a testimony to a painful period, of the time when hatred boils. It was also the disabled but powerful hand that strangled the commander of the enemy station.

In short, the story of Tnú’s life represents the fate and revolution of the Central Highlands people in the resistance war against the US. The beauty and strength of Tnú is a symbol of the crystallization between the beauty and strength of the people of the Central Highlands in particular and the people of Vietnam in general during the revolution. The image of Tnú’s hands is his personality, the mark of his life

  • The characters of Mr. Mat, Dit, and Baby Heng:

– Uncle Met: This is the “living history” of the village of Soman. A traditional fire-keeper for the tribe; instrument is the one who connects the past and the present, between yesterday and today; The “leader” of the spirit, who orientated the revolutionary path for the villagers ⇒ The character who represents the indomitable and unyielding character of Xo Man villagers in particular and the people of the Central Highlands in general.

– Dit: This is a brave and courageous girl who soon followed in the footsteps of the previous generation of heroes to the revolution; is a typical image for the young generation growing up in the war. Dit is the key force of the battle and is one of the “matured rafters” of the majestic “great Soman”.

– Baby Heng: A lovely, innocent boy but soon joins the common fight of the whole village; Baby Heng is the typical image of the new generation of American fighters and strongly follows in the footsteps of Tnú, Dit, and Mai. In the “Forest of snakes”, the boy is one of the “newly sprung up baby raspberry trees”.

⇒ These are successive generations of heroes, representing the people of the Central Highlands. They carry a precious beauty and quality, typical for the people of the Central Highlands in particular and the Vietnamese people in general during the heroic resistance war.

The value of the work of The Serpent Forest

Content value

The work of Xa Nu Forest is a story about people full of intense vitality in a village in the Central Highlands, next to the endless green sa Nu forest. Thereby, the author posed a problem of great significance to the nation and the times: In order for the life of the people and the country to last forever, there is no other way but to be together. Stand up and take up arms against the cruel enemies.

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Artistic value

  • Impressive epic quality:

+ Works of historical significance: The fight against the US of the villagers of Xó Man.

+ A majestic and majestic natural picture. Specifically, the barnacle forest as the background for the picture of the fight against the enemy.

Children in the family – Nguyen Thi – Van grade 12

+ The typical characters are depicted in a majestic and dignified context, both in the style of the Central Highlands and the qualities of the heroes of the era: Tnú, Heng, Dit, …

+ The language and tone are solemn, bearing the colors of the Central Highlands.

  • Circle texture: Both the beginning and the end are images of the barn forest.
  • Narrative method:

+ Tell in retrospect through the narration of the village elder – Madam.

+ Telling by the fire is reminiscent of the “khan” narrative, like an epic of the Central Highlands.

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Through works Snake Forest, we can see that this is a story imbued with the flavor of the Central Highlands and the tragic epic quality. To learn and study Literature better, please follow other articles at’s website!

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